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About Mekar
Mekar Malaysia is blooming as its name. An exclusive florist provides exceptional floral services for all occassions in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Mekar Malaysia Established in 2015, founded by partners shared the same passion and growth rapidly ever since. We offers flower delivery to corporate companies, hotels, government sectors, personnel and also private homes. Driven by the desire to deliver unsurpassed beauty & style and we create a personalization product that revolutionizing the floral industry, and is growing in several sectors that traditionally have interest in flowers such as gifts, greetings ,promotional industry. By creating a patented process that embosses your own personalized message or photography directly onto the petal of live, fresh flowers, Mekar has combined the customized instant message with the emotion of a flower to create “The New Standard of Expressions and given you the opportunity to print flowers for today’s era of personalization.

Our Services
Our arrangements are put together using the freshest, most vibrant flowers. By using high-quality flowers, and obsessing over the details, we ensure that whoever received your gift genuinely wowed. The results of all our efforts are beautiful and fresh bouquets. Our services:-
a. Arrangements / Decoration
b. Consultation
c. E-Commerce
d. Delivery Service
e. Event